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29 Jan
Use `tootctl media remove` to remove Media Attachments to free disk space
29 Jan
Mastodon 4.1.0rc1 has new flags to `tootctl media remove` to help prune old storage of profile avatars and header images. Each account you encounter, either via follow, boost, or reply to a post that was followed or boosted, hits your instance and caches an avatar (profile pic) and header image (banner image). This can take up a lot of space!
19 Jan
SynoCommunity provides packages for Synology-branded NAS devices.
Packages are provided for free and made by developers on their free time.
15 Jan
Answer in a Raspberry Pi thread regarding rsync running as a daemon in the remote machine
10 Jan
Pis are very resourcefull tools. And one of their underdocumented features is a builtin hardware watchdog. This little hardware service will once enabled watch the system activity and automatically power cycle the Raspberry Pi once it gets stuck.
7 Jan
I do most of my git work in a terminal but I frequently found myself using git GUIs for some use-cases like: index, commit, diff, stash, blame and log.
Unfortunately popular git GUIs all fail on giant repositories or become unresponsive and unusable. GitUI provides you with the user experience and comfort of a git GUI but right in your terminal while being portable, fast, free and opensource.
5 Jan
A Fediverse service that lets you turn Mastodon into your feed reader. The Parrot follows the RSS or Atom feeds of a large number of websites, and sends out a toot whenever a new post is published on one of them.
Every feed has a dedicated account. If you follow that account, you'll receive a toot in your timeline whenever a new post shows up in the feed.
2 Jan
Step by step explanation to set up a Shortcut that extracts text from images
30 Dec 2023
Interesting article regarding Synology indexing tasks through the shell, even with the face recognition as a goal, describing some common work
28 Dec 2023
SVG icon gallery, downloadable