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1 Feb
This article is part of the series Understanding ActivityPub, which takes a look at the ActivityPub protocol through the lens of real-world examples
#ActivityPub + #Mastodon
1 Feb
The theory behind Mastodon and WebFinger is fascinating. I’ve managed to configure my immutable mastodon handle. That's the handle I can communicate to potential followers: if I move to another server, I'll update the webfinger with my new coordinates.
1 Feb
They say, it doesn't matter which Mastodon instance you sign up with. You can still communicate with the entire Fediverse and when push comes to shove, you can also always move. Well, push came to shove for me and I had to move. So let's talk about the giant asterisk that belongs after both of those claims.
29 Jan
Use `tootctl media remove` to remove Media Attachments to free disk space
29 Jan
Mastodon 4.1.0rc1 has new flags to `tootctl media remove` to help prune old storage of profile avatars and header images. Each account you encounter, either via follow, boost, or reply to a post that was followed or boosted, hits your instance and caches an avatar (profile pic) and header image (banner image). This can take up a lot of space!
10 Dec 2023
Backup your essential Mastodon files to an S3 bucket!
This set of scripts was created to automate some of the basic maintenance that I would normally use to cleanup and make backups of my mastodon instance. Feel free to use this backup script to help keep your instance clean too!
6 Dec 2023
I wanted a simple way to display relevant discussions that may naturally happen on Mastodon related to my articles, without the complexity of setting up my blog as an ActivityPub server/actor.
25 Nov 2023
This blogpost may be a bit old but is very valid as it goes through the points that an admin has to keep an eye on, verify the proper work and maintain regarding a Mastodon instance
4 Nov 2023
This Guide will show you how to migrate an existing Mastodon dockerized instance to a new Server without docker.
Even the article dates from June 2021, it's a good overview about the steps to perform
#Docker + #Mastodon
A guide to install Mastodon, including ElasticSearch and some tricks to keep it low memory