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7 Jan
I do most of my git work in a terminal but I frequently found myself using git GUIs for some use-cases like: index, commit, diff, stash, blame and log.
Unfortunately popular git GUIs all fail on giant repositories or become unresponsive and unusable. GitUI provides you with the user experience and comfort of a git GUI but right in your terminal while being portable, fast, free and opensource.
4 Oct 2023
PyGitHub is a Python library to access the GitHub REST API. This library enables you to manage GitHub resources such as repositories, user profiles, and organizations in your Python applications.
4 Oct 2023
GitPython is a python library used to interact with git repositories, high-level like git-porcelain, or low-level like git-plumbing.
It provides abstractions of git objects for easy access of repository data often backed by calling the git command-line program. ⚠️ This project is in maintenance mode
4 Oct 2023
Write changelogs for humans.
Common Changelog is a style guide for changelogs, adapted from and a stricter subset of Keep a Changelog. It embraces the guiding principle of Keep a Changelog that changelogs must be written by humans and for humans, while recognizing that a clean changelog starts with a clean git history.