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15 Jan
Answer in a Raspberry Pi thread regarding rsync running as a daemon in the remote machine
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10 Jan
Pis are very resourcefull tools. And one of their underdocumented features is a builtin hardware watchdog. This little hardware service will once enabled watch the system activity and automatically power cycle the Raspberry Pi once it gets stuck.
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10 Dec 2023
Article and video showing the improvements of the new Raspberry Pi 5 compared with the previous version 4, and including the new exposed PCIe port.
29 Sep 2023
Beepy is a portable computing device, with a beautiful high contrast, high resolution display, and a tactile keyboard + touchpad, it is the ultimate everyday hacking gadget.
Powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero W (or any other compatible SBCs), you can use it as a chat device (supporting all chat networks on Beeper e.g. iMessage/WhatsApp/Signal/etc. ), or use it as a hackable handheld cyberdeck, running any Linux application that runs on the Pi.
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